Saturday, December 2

These 3 Easy Sewing Projects Are The Perfect Way to Decorate For Easter

Are you looking for something new and fun to sew? Well, Easter is coming soon, and I’ve already decoratedd the house with a few bunnies and baskets, but since my grandkids are coming, I really wanted to add a little more in terms of cute Easter decor. I just found some easy sewing projects that are super cute and enjoyable to make, as done of them are very difficult. My favorite one is the set of jumbo carrots, and my grandkids love playing with them. Hint: Make at least as many as you have grandkids coming for Easter.

The tea towels are also adorable, and I found some super Easter fabric prints the other day at Joann’s fabric. For the orange carrots, I actually chose an orange on orange check, and it turned out as cute as or cuter than the one pictured. Mine is much more colorful. See what you think of these 3 Easter Sewing Ideas with this step by step video tutorial…

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