These Are Fabulous Pieces To Add To Your Decor If You Want To Decorate On The Cheap

It’s amazing all of the beautiful DIY decor items that you can do on a budget. This gal shows us several beautiful decor items that will transform your home and the price tag won’t gouge your bank account!

I never dreamed that you could make such beautiful things with dollar store mirrors and picture frames, like she does in her tutorial.

The items she makes look awesome with all decor, but it looks really fabulous if you have an all white living room, giving it a very elegant look.

I especially love the tiered stand she makes with the clear marbles glued around the edges. It’s so striking!

These projects she makes are extremely easy and quick to do, yet they look like items you would spend a fortune on if you were to pay retail prices.

I love DIY projects like this. Seeing results fast give me a great sense of accomplishment!

There’s just something about mirrors, rhinestone trim and silver that are so lovely paired together. These items will definitely give your home the face lift it needs if you are wanting to make a change to the look of your home decor.

Watch how LGQueen Home Decor makes all of these lovely items in her step by step tutorial and start transforming the look of your home!



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