These Are Some Brilliant Folding Tips For Saving Space In Your Drawers. Watch!

The following folding hacks will save you significant storage space while keeping your things neatly organized.

¬†Some of the ways she folds clothes actually blew my mind. I would have never dreamed of doing this and it’s amazing how much space these tips will save you!

When I saw how she folds the gray pants I couldn’t believe my eyes. You’ll probably be quite surprised as well.

While you may be tempted to hang your dress shirts, folding them so they can be stored neatly in drawers not only saves precious closet space, but it also prevents wrinkling. The latter is a big plus if you dread breaking out the ironing board.

The trick is; you have to button all the buttons, from top to bottom, before folding. Doing so will ensure a neat and tidy fold that stays wrinkle-free.

I think I finally learned the t-shirt folding method after watching her do this slowly. All of the other videos I’ve seen are always too fast and I couldn’t get the hang of it.

These clothes folding tips aren’t just great for creating more space in your drawers, but they’re also great to know for packing a suitcase and needing space!

Watch how this gal with But First, Coffee does these clever folding tricks in her step by step tutorial so you can start saving some space!




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