These Are Super Cool Wrapped Braided Charm Bracelets She Makes (Watch!)

I’ve been all about the arm party for a while now.  My left wrist is filled with an abundance of stacked bracelets that combine colors and textures, natural fibers and metal hardware.

My absolute favorite is a simple leather braided wrap bracelet with a few little charms to make them really interesting. Of all the bracelets contributing to the assortment of fabulous bracelets filling up my arm, this is the one I would hang onto if I had to choose just one. Some have asked me why I wear so many bracelets and I tell them because I can’t decide which one to wear, so I wear them all! Why not?

I’d been seeing similar styles at some of my favorite stores, but they seemed a little overpriced for the materials and labor involved.  So I decided to take things into my own hands, and make a couple myself.  It’s a really fast project, and you can make two or three of them for a lot less than you would pay for them in the store.

Also, these make awesome gifts for friends and family…everybody I’ve given these to absolutely adore them! You’ll save a lot of money on gifts too!

I love the way Alejandra makes her bracelets and I haven’t actually seen any of these exact styles anywhere else, either online or in the stores…similar, but not the same, so I like that fact.

Watch Alejandra, with Alejandra’s Style, make these great looking bracelets in her step by step tutorial so you can make them yourself1


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