These Are The Perfect Little Bunnies For Your Easter Baskets This Year!

There are three ways to make these darling little bunnies, so if you don’t sew, we’ve got you covered! There’s the sew version, no sew version and the glue gun version.

These little critters are so stinkin’ cute and they are the perfect size for an Easter basket! Look at the different personalities of the three bunnies she makes. They’re all different and all adorable!

Easter is right around the corner, but you won’t need to get stressed out because you can whip these up in no time at all.

Go find those socks you’ve been hanging onto, in hopes that their mates would show up some day, and get busy making these adorable little jewels!

There’s nothing cuter than rabbits at Easter time and the children aren’t the only ones who will enjoy these little bunnies, so make some up for your special friends and give them one of these…they’ll love them!

Keep in mind that the more colorful the socks, the more fun the bunnies are. Also, the buttons you use for the eyes can really make a difference in your bunny’s personality.

You can get really creative with these bunnies so don’t forget to put your own personal touch on them.

Watch how this gal makes these darling little creatures in her step by step tutorial.


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