These Bandana Shorts She Makes Are Easy and So Much Fun (Cheap Too!)

These easy, inexpensive, pants take only about 15 minutes to make, so we just about live in them during the summer. They are great for slipping on after a day at the lake or the pool!

I’m mad for bandana print apparel! As a matter of fact, I just ordered a silky bandana print scarf online. These shorts are great for men, women and children! You can add pom pom trim or cotton lace to the bottom of these too! By the way…you can find the extra large bandanas in the men’s section of Wal-Mart, and online.

These pants are lightweight and breathable; they’re an especially welcome wardrobe addition for kids. I ordered a bunch of bandanas off of eBay so that I could try this great tutorial from StyldByChris.  All you need is two matching bandanas to make a pair of easy, inexpensive play shorts/pants.

My boys seem to go through clothes very quickly in the summer – I’m always in search of a clean pair of pants for them when we have to go somewhere.  So, these seemed like the perfect solution.  They can pretty much live in these all day, sleep in them all night, dirty them up however they want, and their nicer shorts will still be handy when we go out somewhere nice. Oh, and did I say they love them?  I wasn’t sure what they’d think, but I suppose I shouldn’t have doubted it – they’ve never been known for their refined taste.  Wearing crazy bandanas on their legs made perfect sense to them.  Personally, I think they’re cute.

Ok, so I admit it…I have an addiction to bandanas. Not only can you find them in awesome prints and varying styles, but they also come in different sizes. It’s like cheap, pre-hemmed fabric all waiting for you to use your imagination as to what to whip up. I opted for shorts because I wanted a quick cover up for my swim suit and I made a bandana halter top to go with them!

Watch this great tutorial by StyldByChris so you can get busy making yourself some of these comfortable bandana shorts too!

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