These Crazy Guys And Gals Make The Famous Emoji Pumpkins And They’re So Much Fun!

Halloween is just around the corner and if you want to do something a little different with your pumpkins this year, then why not theme them up to fit your emoji? There are a lot of emoji addicts — I reckon we could have conversations using only them! We’re not the only ones though right?

Try this super easy DIY emoji pumpkins! While carving a pumpkin is a long-standing fall tradition, it can be a messy and time-consuming task. These painted pumpkins provide a fun and easy alternative to carving a traditional jack-o-lantern.

To turn pumpkins into emojis, all that’s required is acrylic paint and a black marker. Once the pumpkins have been painted bright yellow, the rest of the features can be added. The marker can be used to outline each feature and make the colors stand out in the dark. Because emojis are fairly basic icons, the tutorial requires minimal artistic talent. The end result is a series of jack-o-lanterns that are perfect for Halloween.

Our texting-crazy kids will flip for this Emoji Pumpkin craft!. Follow the step-by-step directions for a dozen different yellow emoji people to get us all started. Of course we are sure our kids will come up with a few of their favorites to paint as well.

Watch Joey Graceffa and friends make these adorable pumpkins in their step by step tutorial so you can be prepared to paint your pumpkins!



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