These Gorgeous Easter Eggs Are Made With The Coolest Technique I’ve Ever Tried!

With Easter right around the corner most of us like to do some unusual things with eggs, and, trust me, this DIY project is definitely unusual, but really cool!

Since Easter is almost here the stores are stocked with many different egg dying kits. Rather than do our usual tablet colored or sticker eggs, this year I decided to do something different with the kids…silk fabric dyed Easter eggs!

The eggs are dyed by using 100% silk neck ties we found at a consignment store! Yes! You can actually dye eggs by using old silk neck ties! You simply wrap the eggs in the fabric from the tie and boil them in a water/vinegar solution. The guy in the tutorial wraps thread around the eggs he does, to keep them intact.

It’s a lot of fun to see how the eggs turn out because each one is different, depending on the fabric and how you wrap them. When it comes time to unwrap each egg, it’s a surprise to see what design each egg has.

You can use any type of 100% silk fabric to make this work. Think ties, shirts, scarves, pillowcases. Just let your imagination run wild! This is such a fun project and the kids love it!

Watch how h20fowler2012 does this interesting project in his step by step tutorial and get busy making some of these awesome eggs! Everyone will want to know how you made them!



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