Thursday, December 7

These Inexpensive DIY Sliding Barn Doors Are Totally Doable!

Love barn doors and want them in your home? So did I but space is super limited in the guest room where I wanted to add them. Fortunately, there is Youtube! Yes, I was able to find a video that showed me exactly how to install barn doors in tight spaces. This particular tutorial is so awesome, I just had to share it with you. Don’t let the thought of installing your own barn doors intimidate you. Watch this step by step tutorial video and learn how to do it yourself.

My new barn doors look great, and I finally have a way to close off my bathroom properly after going for years with a sliding door that stuck so often, we could not even use it. If you want the farmhouse look on a budget, I highly recommend this DIY idea. We are no woodworking experts or anything special, either. This one was doable and enjoyable, and my husband and I were able to complete the installation in one weekend, start to finish.

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