Thursday, November 30

These Super Easy Concrete House Numbers Will Have Everybody Talking!

So aggravating to try to find somebody’s home and have to look high and low for their street number! This guy has the right idea, for sure! Maybe this isn’t the first thought that bothers most people, but to me this is a big deal.

My son used to be a pizza delivery driver and the worst thing in the entire world was not being able to find someone’s address number. Some houses don’t have any, or they were painted on the curb and have rubbed off or they’re not lit up at night. All of these things were very frustrating for my son. Of course back then, we didn’t even have smart phones or Maps to tell us just exactly where the house should at least be, so he really relied on actually seeing that number!

I’m a Realtor and still have trouble seeing street addresses. I use a GPS, but it announces that “you have arrived”, but it never specifies which house I’ve arrived at, when there are homes all around the house I supposedly arrived at! It’s pretty frustrating!

I wish everyone would do something like Adam Woodham does in this tutorial… all of our lives would be much easier! Watch his step by step tutorial so you can make your home easier to identify!


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