They Cut Different Size PVC Pipes And You’ll Be Amazed By The Cool Item They Make!

This is such a clever idea if you don’t have room for a Christmas tree, don’t want the mess of a real tree, or you decide to have more than one tree. Some people have trees in more than one room of their house!

Christmas trees play a huge part in making a home feel festive, but with them comes the task of keeping them alive, upright and preventing needles from taking over your house.

If a real Christmas tree isn’t possible for you this year or your looking for a way to create that festive feeling without all the Christmas tree stress, this alternative Christmas tree might be just what you need.

These PVC pipe Christmas trees are brilliant and look fabulous with ornaments in all of them. It’s very art deco looking and I love the idea!

Thin slices of PVC pipe have been attached to a sheet of plywood and filled with fun ornaments to create a festive Christmas tree alternative that can be used year after year.

I have a regular Christmas tree in my home, but simply had to make one of these after I saw this tutorial. I have more than enough ornaments and didn’t even have to buy extras. It’s quite a conversation piece!

Watch how these gals with Toolbarn makes this great PVC pipe tree in their step by step tutorial.

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