They Make A Special Drink For Their Super Bowl Party That Packs A Punch!

The Super Bowl is February 5th this year and a lot of people are already starting to plan their parties, which usually include some special beverages to celebrate the occasion.

This is one of those drinks that people might want to limit themselves to only a couple of.  I suspect that it packs a mean punch! Either that or before you start serving it, take everybody’s car keys and have a sleepover at your house!


Sliced Oranges


1 bottle of Tequila

1 bottle of Vodka

1 bottle of Peach Schnapps

1 bottle of Rum

2 bottles of White Cranberry Peach Juice

2 bottles of White Grape Peach Juice

3/4 bottle Blue Curacao (for color)

You’re gonna need to make sure there’s plenty for everyone to eat so this drink doesn’t go to everybody’s head! There are so many great DIY Super Bowl food ideas on Pinterest…or wait around until some of them are posted on this FB page!

Watch how the Tipsy Bartender and the twins make this Super Bowl Jungle Juice so you can have this special beverage at your 2017 Super Bowl party!


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