They Make Convertible Benches So Watch What They Turn Them Into (Brilliant!)

What an innovative idea! I can’t believe people think this stuff up, but I’m so glad we have so many clever  people out there thinking up these awesome ideas that we can all benefit from!

This is such a great concept. We all need benches in our yard, or some type of seating, and we all love to have picnic tables so we have the option to eat outside, when the weather is nice. I’m amazed at this DIY project and how they make these benches that is also a convertible picnic table!

You can’t beat this picnic table people – it’s the queen mother of them all. Take a look and you’ll see why Mother Earth News titled their article – “The Picnic Table Evolves”.  I’m not sure it’s evolved much further since this one.

This picnic table will amaze your guests. It’s more than a conversation starter – it will be the focal point of your entire backyard barbecue. You will have some guests who will not be able to stop talking about how cool this thing is.

Watch this easy, step by step tutorial, by Amy Baesler, and build a picnic table that converts easily to two separate benches. The tabletops rotate to form bench backs. I’ve never seen anything cooler!

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