They Make Stunning Halloween Decor With Special Mason Jar Luminaries (Easy!)

What a cool way to decorate for the upcoming Halloween season! I don’t believe I’ve ever seen anyone do this and certainly plan on making some to put out on my front porch this year!

For me, if it isn’t easy, it isn’t happening! That’s why these Halloween Mason Jar Luminaries may just be the most perfect Halloween decoration EVER! They are beyond easy – I may even go as far as to say they are pretty idiot proof!

Over the summer I bought a couple of boxes of canning jars with the intention of canning. Well that didn’t happen. So I opened a box, went inside and grabbed my acrylic craft paint, paint brushes, a dish of water and went to work.

They took absolutely no time at all and will be perfect to decorate outside or inside! They would make a great table decoration or line your porch with them! I used tea lights to illuminate them, but you just as easily use electric battery operated lights as well!

These Halloween Mason jar Luminaries will be perfect to set out on the porch when all the little trick-or-treaters arrive, and are also great for your October home decor until Halloween does arrive, as they also look great during the day!

Watch Brooklyn & Bailey’s step by step tutorial so you can get started doing this fun DIY!


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