Thursday, November 30

They Make These Fabulously Unique Lights That Create An Amazing Ambience In Your Home!

Check out this brilliant lamp! Designed to look like the moon, the  moon lamp is individually handcrafted as an art deco piece that is both functional and elegant.

Check out the tutorial for this new lighting system that mimics the color and shape of a moon. These are incredibly easy to make, but go for a handsome sum in retail establishments.

Moon lamps have become a real trend recently, and understandably so: just imagine the mysteriously magical atmosphere of a dark room illuminated by its own full moon.

Moon lamps are a key art piece, a realistic representation of the moon, meant for all those who want to set free their creativity. Keep in mind that you can create ways to suspend the lamp in midair and it looks like you have a full moon hanging right in your home!

These are popular with retailers have come up with ways to make this into a floor lamp and a table lamp.

The creative possibilities are endless with the moon lamp as an elegant addition to your home decor!

We have found a way for you to work this magic at home with your own hands. The dream’s ready to come true, so let’s roll!

Check out this new lighting system that mimics the color and shape of a moon and watch how Mastermind makes it in their step by step tutorial.

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