Saturday, December 2

This All-In-One Picnic Table And Bench Is DIY At It’s Finest


This picnic table turns into a bench in a matter of seconds, making it not only an adorable addition to any yard but the perfect solution for outdoor seating in your space. I love this DIY furniture project because I’m constantly playing musical furniture with my outdoor seating area and the versatility of this piece is perfect for my small backyard. For example, folding it into a bench when we have large groups sitting around our fire pit during the cold weather seasons works better for seating that’s less clunky and more supportive. The picnic table works great for when we want to have our meals outside and need a flat surface to put our spread on.

What I like best about this piece of furniture though, is that it’s a DIY project that is not as difficult as it looks. In my opinion, homemade furniture is always more impressive than storebought pieces. I’m a bit of a handmade snob that way. Make this folding seating and eating furniture combo by following the instructions in the second video that plays after the demo video.

I am a sucker for any home decor, furniture, appliances, etc that shows versatility so this picnic table and bench combo is right up my alley. What are some of your favorite items that have more than one purpose? I’d love to hear them! Share your personal favorites in the comments section below the video!

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