This BLEW The Top Right Off of My Head When I Saw What He Made!

When I ran across this tutorial online I was speechless!  This is the coolest DIY project I have ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot of them! I want to hire this guy to make me one.  Seriously!  I’m gonna have to find someone to build this for me…it’s a must have!

It seems like all I ever do is fold clothes…LOTS of t-shirts, till I’m sick of it.  This contraption would solve all of my problems and save so much time. I could crank a handle for a couple of seconds to get this done.  I believe this is every woman’s dream machine and I’m wondering why these haven’t been marketed by now.  I’ve always wanted a robot, but I’d definitely settle for this!

I ran across a similar technique for folding clothes, on Pinterest, around the same time I ran across this tutorial.  The Laziness Expert used cardboard taped in this similar fashion for folding, so I may have to settle for that until I can get somebody to build this for me.

Watch how this jewel of a man does this in his step by step tutorial.  I got a big kick out of this particular video and I think you and your friends on Facebook will too!




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