This Brilliant Gal Paints And Distresses A Large Mason Jar And What She Does With It Is Awesome!

If you’re a crafting maniac like me, you’re always looking for new projects to take up and add a little something more to your home decor. There’s always that sense of fulfillment from building something yourself rather than just buying another decor piece. One of the best feelings when you see the finished product!

Mason jars are among the most popular DIY items by far. And no wonder – they come in many sizes and designs, you can always find one that suits your project best. Projects with them tend to also be relatively easy, they take no more than a few hours to complete.

There’s one of these on Etsy for $75 and what you save by making this yourself is phenomenal, plus it’s so easy to do! There are many ways you can paint a mason jar but this chalkboard paint distressed look makes really awesome vases or storage containers and this great looking lamp this gal makes. That chic rustic look of a distressed mason jar is really the thing and when you turn it into a lamp it adds some incredible charm to your home decor!

Watch how Kelly Barlow makes this fabulous lamp in her step by step tutorial so you can make one for your home! It’s easy peasy!


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