Saturday, December 2

This Camper Toaster Cover Just May Be The Cutest Thing You’ll Ever Make

Love sewing adorable things for your kitchen so you get to see them every time you cook? I thought I had made everything possible for my kitchen until I saw this cute as can be toaster cover. I knew just at first sight that I simply had to have one, and after I finished it, fell in love with it even more. To be honest, I thought toasters were meant to be put away since mine, at least, is far from attractive. Keeping it clean enough to display is another matter. This cool sewing idea actually gives you a way to keep the toaster on the counter and then keeps dust off of it, too.

If you are on the hunt for a fabulous new sewing idea to make this weekend, look no further than this. With an easy to follow Youtube video tutorial complete with measurements and sewing instructions, you can be assured that what you see is what you will get. Mix up your fabric and colors, though. With a creative idea like this, it is hard to go wrong with mixed fabrics of any variety. I love having projects like this where I get to play a little, too. Have fabric scraps? Use them for trim,l doors, windows and even the camper itself if you have enough.

Lately, I’ve been entertaining the idea of starting an Etsy shop and all of my friends are encouraging me to. I think this camper toaster cover definitely belongs on the list of sewing projects I am going to make and sell. Don’t you think original ideas like this, unique ones that you can’t find anywhere, are a cool item to offer. I sure do. Need to finish the two I am making for wedding gifts first, though. This fun idea is sure to be one you make several times, too. Watch the video tutorial and you will see why!

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