This Dad Shows Us How To Clean Our Vacuum Cleaner Without Having To Take It In To Be Done!

It just so happens that I needed to do this to my vacuum cleaner this weekend so I looked up a tutorial on how to take it apart and came across DIY Dad Life tutorial and he sure was a big help…thought you might need to see this too!

After vacuuming more than half of my home, I realized that nothing was happening. Ugh! I stopped and started looking for the best way to approach the problem I was having. I had to start by figuring out where all the screws were so I could take it apart! Dad Life helped me with where to find all the screws…thanks Dad! Oh, and before you do anything, make sure to unplug your vacuum cleaner!

I had one stubborn screw that just didn’t want to budge so I looked for a smaller Phillips Head Screwdriver. This is not my favorite task, but neither is spending money to have someone else do what I can do!

After finally getting that stubborn screw out, I thought I was ready to pop the cover off, but nooooo…of course not! If I hadn’t had this tutorial, I wouldn’t have realized that I needed to pop the wheels off (I used a flat head screwdriver) to remove the screws underneath the wheels, and next I needed to pop the belt off. And viola! I was able to remove the top!

Take a look at this brilliant step by step tutorial if you are having trouble taking your vacuum cleaner apart for cleaning or whatever problem you may be having.


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