This Darling Crumb Quilt Has So Much Personality!

I just LOVE quilts and especially this one!  If you’re anything like me, I just hate to throw away fabric scraps.  I found this quilt tutorial and was glad I hung onto them!  I don’t have to buy any fabric!  I just knew that there was a reason I kept these scraps!  I have a drawer in my sewing room where I throw all small pieces that might normally be thrown away. This drawer holds things like the triangles I snip off when joining lengths of binding on the diagonal…..little pieces left from rotary cutting that are too small to be a strip, square, or rectangle…end pieces of seamed “strip sets” where I couldn’t get another “complete” unit out of them….Anything too short to be considered a “string”.

I live in Texas and it’s scorching hot outside, so it seemed like a pretty good day to sit in the basement and play with my sewing machine!  As I went through some of my fabrics it took me down memory lane, since many of my scraps are from clothes I made for my little girl and now she’s all grown up and gone.  I’m so sentimental!

Don’t be afraid to use your fabric scraps to make brand new free quilt block patterns. Simply following the tutorial and make your own…



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