This DIY Trap Rids Your Yard Of Even The Biggest Snakes

I love summer because it means getting to spend lots of time outdoors, especially in my backyard. However, I live in the South and apparently, the snakes feel the same way not only about enjoying summer, but about spending it in my yard. Sorry, but I would prefer not to share my yard with those critters and they just terrify me, even the nonpoisonous garden variety of snakes. Last summer, a huge King snake curled up in one of my flower pots and my grandson was out in the yard right next to it when he discovered him. I ran inside and would not dare go back out until my husband came home from work to get rid of him. He assured me that this snake was a “good snake” that ate other snakes, but I am sorry, just “no.”

If you find yourself with a similar problem and having the same predicament, you will love what I just found. Wanting to get rid of snakes does not mean you have to kill ’em, because it can be done humanely and easily with the cool DIY snake trap you build from an old fan guard. This takes less than an hour to make and set up and it should not take you long to catch your snake. Go ahead and build two if you need to, they are super simple and effective.

You can trap your snake and set him free if you like or if you are like my husband, feel free to invite him in for dinner 😉 No matter what you want to do with him, he will be leaving your yard. No thank you to snakes!

Check out this cool video tutorial to learn how to make a snake trap that really works.  What a brilliant idea, many thanks to the gal who had the ingenuity to come up with this one!  Now I can enjoy the summer gardening again and my snakes can enjoy theirs somewhere else, the way it should be.


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