This DIY Upcycled Windchime Will Totally Change the Way You Shop for Antiques

Ever been at an antique store and caught yourself drooling over a silverware set you absolutely do not need? Speaking from experience here, you can now have your flatware cake and eat it too with this adorable DIY upcycled silverware wind chime tutorial! I was so excited when I discovered this video that shows how to make such a beautiful craft from old forks and knives. Since I love to give these wind chimes as gifts, I can now indulge in all of the old silverware purchases I want.

All you need to make this sweet DIY project is a handful of silverware, some string, and your choice of extra decorative details like beads or lace to make this wind chime match your decor. This particular video shows how to add beads, but I actually prefer mine without any additions. There is no wrong answer though, so use your preferred craft supplies to make this project something you’re proud to hang in your home.

This is also the perfect craft to upcycle any antique silverware that may have been handed down to you through the years that’s just sitting in a cabinet and will never be used. With this easy DIY wind chime, you can be reminded of your loved ones with every tinkle and sway of the silverware in the wind.

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