This Dude Just Forged A Sword Out of Rebar and I Don’t Quite Have Words For It

Gotta give Southerners credit for their love of rebar, especially when you see the ingenious things they make with it! However, as old as I am, I’ve seen lots of cool rebar projects but nothing quite like this one. I’ve seen tables and bottle trees and all sorts of artsy bent bars but never anything as spectacular as this video I just found. If you’re like me, you’re gonna watch it twice or at least go back to see the part where he shows off the sword again.

The only question I have, is what did he name it?

Whether you picture yourself as an Arya, A Brienne, A Jorah or a John, you could really get used to having a cool sword handy or at least hanging on the wall. Heartsbane. Ice. Widow’s Wail. Oathkeeper. Needle. They’re all taken. I think? My husband and I are Game of Thrones fans, and so is my brother. I’ve just gotta figure out how to get my hands on two of these fine swords before Christmas and I win all kinds of awards. Whether you are a big GOT fan or know someone who is, I highly recommend making one of these if you need the coolest, best item ever to show off love for all things Game of Thrones. The series may be ending, but you are gonna get to keep this one forever!

**Please be sure to send us pics if you make one, too!**

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