This Easy To Build DIY Pool Can Be Yours In Less Than An Hour

I love summertime, but when it gets to be late July and the heat is unbearable, I start dreaming of that pool I don’t have. Not one for envy, I am trying not to be jealous of the neighbors who make noise all day enjoying their pool with all the kids and fam. However, it is sometimes hard not to. I wish we had the budget to build one, but that just isn’t happening, if you know what I mean.

Last weekend before the 4th, I went looking to see if somehow, someway, I might be able to build a pool myself. Not terribly hopeful, I dug around through Youtube looking for my options. Lo and behold, I found this gem of a project that some genius guys created with pallets and a tarp. Call me skeptical, but really? After watching the video, I sure thought this one looked doable.

We ran out to Home Depot immediately and got to work with a tarp and a pile of old pallets I got from my neighbors. In less than an hour, as promised, we had a real pool in our backyard! Not your little dinky baby pool or stock pond pool, either. A full-sized, ready for adults to enjoy pool that has enough room to float in! Of course, I invited my neighbors over, the ones I borrowed the pallets from, and then we set to enjoying our swimming pool. This amazing creation of ours is still standing and full of water a week later. Not sure how long she’s gonna last, but this pool sure has made my summer more enjoyable in the heat. Try it out for yourself, you just may be pleasantly surprised how this easy redneck pool is to build

Get to work before the summer heat gets you and while you’re at it, I highly recommend you build a cheap DIY floating cooler for that pool and add some other extra-special DIY pool necessities, too. Summertime dreams start here, for sure!


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