This Guy Comes Up With An Easy And Brilliant Idea To Use In His Living Room (Watch!)

Sometimes there’s a little bit of space that is left open after you finish with new room decor and many times you just don’t know what to do with it. That is often the case with the area behind a sofa, either because it is scooted against a wall that is awkwardly blank or because the space is so small or narrow that nothing seems to fit there at all.

It’s fine to leave that space as is, but other times you might want to make a better use of the space – especially if you don’t have that much to spare – or it simply just doesn’t look right, so you want to add a little something more to that space.

In Jordan Kiener’s case, he built this because he and his family didn’t have a coffee table since he had a toddler and didn’t want any hard corners for her to crash into. However, it left them with no place to place a drink, and the remotes were susceptible to being constantly lost in the cushions since the couch was the only place to keep them. He came up with this clever idea to solve their problem.

Sofa tables are something that most of us can use, but don’t necessarily have to have. They’re a nice addition to a living room to sit a lamp, picture frames and other things on. It’s a matter of adding something a little extra to your decor that loos pretty. This one is particularly narrow and doesn’t stick out in the way where it can be run into. This sofa table is so easy it’s ridiculous! My kind of DIY project!

Watch how Jordan builds this in his step by step tutorial.


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