This Is A Different Concept And A Rather Unique One At That (Watch!)

Got a pile of scrap wood in your workshop that you’re thinking of throwing away? This project will make you think twice! Instead of trashing it, learn how to make this stylish end table!

Therefore, if you are ever wondering what to do with all of those wood scraps that are left over from other DIY projects here’s your answer and it’s pretty cool…to say the least! This end table would look incredible in a home with modern decor!

It might be hard to believe, but this attractive end grain table was made almost entirely with scrap wood. It looks amazing and is easy to make as it doesn’t matter the size or of the scrap wood you use, or that you aren’t precise with your cuts.

The only parts of this project the guy with Instructables bought were a 3′ section of walnut post and felt pads for the bottom of the feet, the rest was all leftover wood. Making an end grain table from your own scrap wood pile is not only a great reuse, but gives any nice wood scraps you have a new life.

When I first saw this Instructables I was so inspired by its artistic beauty. Then I saw how simple the video made it look.

Watch how Instructables makes this fabulous table in their step by step tutorial!


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