Saturday, December 2

This Is A Great DIY Project To Do On Top Of Ugly Canvases You No Longer Like!

DIY wall art is all the rage, because you can make your home look gorgeous without spending your paycheck at Anthropologie, Home Goods, or even IKEA.

I’ve been experimenting with various glue effects on canvas with watercolor art. The first one I did was an accident, really.

After that, my two Granddaughters and I did hot glue flowers on our canvases. I had to assist the younger one with doing her hot glue flowers so she didn’t burn herself. I had her draw the flowers and I went around the drawing with the glue.

After the glue was dry we painted our canvases with liquid watercolor paint. They turned out fabulous and we’re all really proud of our art pieces.

This is a great project for the holiday vacation parents, Aunts and Uncles and bored kids. They can make any designs they want to. Michael’s always has packets of canvases on sale, so you can do this project pretty cheap…best kind, right?

Or, if you have enough ugly art pieces you want to paint over, by all means, use those! It’s a great way to recycle and repurpose something that is no longer useful to you.

It’s amazing all of the hot glue art ideas that are available to us. Make sure to look on Pinterest to see some of them. People make phone covers, shoes and all kinds of things with hot glue!

Watch how Amy Pearce does this cool piece of art in her step by step tutorial.

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