This Is A Great Way To Change A Dull Space Into A Unique Focal Point!

Painting a wall with this glitter creation that JennBMakeupMagic shows us can definitely spice up a room and turn it into something special. Glitter is available in a range of different colors and shades. She mixes it with Modge Podge, but you can also mix the glitter with glue too!

Glitter is something which you probably wouldn’t go ahead and paint your entire house in. Instead, this DIY project is ideal if you want to paint stencils on the wall and add a little flair, or at the most paint one small wall in, or perhaps a ceiling. Glitter is also great to when it’s a part of motifs and pictures to put up on your wall. If you do it carefully, then glitter paint can be so much fun. If you want to set up a young girl’s room or if you just want a different experience, then a glitter wall can certainly be the way to go.

If you think that the glitter may be too much for your room, you can make up for this by using the glitter mixture as a border. Instead of trying to paste a wallpaper border on your wall, you can paint on some glitter in its place. Use some painter’s  tape for the outline of your border and paint away.

There are plenty of areas in your home where a glitter wall will look good as an accent For instance, little built in areas that house art, books, mirrors or other decorative elements can have a little more decorative touch when this glitter mixture is applied to it. You can use it as an accent border, or as a backdrop to the pieces you have in the nook areas in your home.

I have a smaller bathroom that I call my “fun room” and it has all sorts of fun nik naks and art in it. I painted the smallest wall with glitter and I just love the way it turned out!

One of the more elegant uses of glitter is in to bring some luxury to a formal setting. This is usually found in a formal dining area that is set off from the regular living space. A medium color that is infused with glitter will look great alongside some elegant furniture, flooring and lighting elements. You can do the entire room with the glitter or just one wall where the light will play off the glitter.

Watch how JennBMakeupMagic does this in her step by step tutorial and bring some bling to your home!

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