This Is A Magical Water Color Technique That Produces Amazing Results!

This is a fun creative project to express yourself, with watercolor, masking fluid, and endless possibilities.

I love watercolor and I am so excited to share today’s project with you  It’s simple enough that anyone can do this and I just love how it turned out.

To do the wording she holds the paper, with her words she printed out, up on a window, along with her water color paper and traces the words with the art masking fluid. If you have a light box you could use that or simply tilt your computer screen back a little bit and tape your watercolor paper directly to your screen.

Make sure that the lettering is the size you’d like it to be in your word art and position your paper over the lettering as you’d like.

Then, grab the small paint brush and the art masking fluid.  Gently and carefully paint the art masking fluid over the lettering.  Try to be as precise as possible.

The art masking fluid will dry and seal the paper beneath it and protect it from the paint when it is applied. Allow the art masking fluid to dry for 24 hours.

Watch and learn how Katrina does this amazing art project in her step by step tutorial.

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