This Is Just One Of The Amazing DIY’s She Does To Repurpose Old Clothes. Watch!

I was so intrigued by the things this gal does with her old clothing and it certainly motivated me into doing some of these clever DIY projects with my old clothes.

I don’t know about you guys, but I love giving a new life to something I’ve already gotten a lot of miles out of. It makes me feel so proud…and frugal!

I’m known by my friends as a woman who can make something out of nothing! Although, I must admit that I am the world’s greatest improvisor, so this tutorial was definitely right up my alley!

If you have more clothes than one person should ever have (like I do), these are some great ways to clean out your closet and recycle them into something cool.

I love any project that will help me to thin out my wardrobe because I have a tendency to hang on to things way too long.

My favorite thing this gal does in her tutorial is the colorful pom pom looking project. I would have never thought to do what she does to get that look. I would have just gone out and bought pom poms! Thank God for all of the clever people out there who share their ingenious ideas with all of us!

Watch how Kala, with Artkala, repurposes her old clothes in her step by step tutorial.

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