This Is Proof That You Can Do More With Fishbowls Than Just Put Fish In Them. Watch!

When it comes to Christmas, a lot of us like to go all out. We want all the glitz and glam but there is a problem, money.
Getting all the decorations we want at a price that we find fair can be difficult and feel nearly impossible. With a little DIY and love though, everything all of a sudden becomes easy.

The best part is, the more effort you put in on your end, the nicer the end product becomes. So why not go out all this Christmas without the guilt?

You may already have plenty of Christmas decorations out in your home, but there’s always room for one more DIY decoration—especially if it’s as cute as this one.
Who would have ever thought to use fishbowls to make Christmas decor? Well, thank God someone did! These are just too cute for words!

The good news is that you can buy most of your supplies at the dollar store and save a bundle of money!

Watch how Elegance On a Budget does this easy DIY project in her step by step tutorial. This is such a fun DIY project!

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