Thursday, November 30

This Is So Cool The Way He Repurposes This Dresser Into This Striking Cabinet!

The outcome of this old dresser turned apothecary cabinet is mind blowing! This is a great DIY project for fun recycle or makeover projects exemplify that one of the biggest trends these days is to repurpose or recycle trash to treasure finds. Anything from furniture to decorator items.

What fun it is to take an item and turn it into something totally different like Dustin McLean did with this dresser turned apothecary cabinet! Of course, some of the best places to find these great items is at the thrift stores and garage sales. Sometimes you will even find things sitting out in the neighbors trash! Although he uses an IKEA Rast dresser that he purchased pretty cheap. You may already have a dresser that works for this project.

The IKEA Rast dresser is a simple, three-drawer furnishing that is inexpensive and relatively lightweight. It seems to be the DIYer’s favorite project and has been hacked again and again with good reason. Because $35 is really a small investment that can be dressed up in an endless array of ways. You can paint it in your chosen color or add some golden drawer pulls for extra style in simple fashion with reasonably price.

I’ve always really liked the look of card catalogs and apothecary cabinets so I set about to duplicate that look on a much smaller and simpler scale.

The result is a vintage look apothecary cabinet that fits perfectly in the space I picked out for it and was completed in just a few hours!

Watch how Dustin McLean makes transforms this basic dresser, into this amazing Apothecary Cabinet, in his step by step tutorial.

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