This Is The Best Apple You Can Ever Give A Teacher

Growing up, you had a favorite teacher, right? Me too. We all did, and we all wanted to give them something just to say thank you. I wish YouTube was a thing when I was in grade school, because if it was, I totally would have made this adorable mason jar apple.

This little apple is super easy to make, pretty cheap, and completely adorable. YouTuber Homiehomemaker makes this super quickly. The longest step is waiting for the paint to dry!

All you’ll need is a mason jar, a wood dowel, some glue, a green piece of paper (he uses a print out that says “A+ teacher,”) and some paint. You’ll need red, green, and brown paint to achieve the look of an apple. He also uses a clear sealant to give it a glossy finish.

First, he takes apart the jar. He paints the base a bright red, using two coats to get it super opaque. Then, he paints the lid and the screw-on top a bright green. This also took two coats. Once the paint dries, he seals it with the clear sealant.

He cuts a small piece off of a wooden dowel and paints it a dark brown color for the stem. Once dried, he cuts out the leaf print from his green paper and uses hot glue to glue the stem down to the lid, on top of the leaf.

When that dries, it’s ready to use! He fills his with gummy worms, but you can really fill the jar with whatever you feel the teacher would love. This could be school supplies, a candle, or a healthy (or not so healthy), snack.

How are you going to personalize this for the special teacher in your life? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to share this with your friends. Graduation season is coming up, after all!

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