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This One Cheap and Easy Idea Will Magically Transform Your Bedroom

What an awesome idea and it’s so cheap to make. Although the finished product certainly doesn’t look cheap…quite the opposite! This is a perfect example of why DIY projects are so fabulous. It’s unbelievable how much money you can save the DIY way!

After finding this cool tutorial  I knew what I could do with the ugly light in my guest bedroom. I had brainstormed ideas that would camouflage the light without having to go out and shop for a new one. This was definitely a win!

This is especially great for renters if you can’t (or won’t) update fixtures, but you want something a little prettier than the standard light fixture.

The supplies were really cheap…I used a hanging plant basket, silver spray paint, 3 picture hangers and 4-6 ft.strings of crystal wire garlands from the holiday decor aisle in the craft store to create my own DIY chandelier light fixture! If you can’t find the crystal wire garlands, check out Amazon. They’ve got everything!

Trust me, it looks way more complicated than it actually is. If you can wrap wire around a basket with no rhyme or reason, you can do this DIY project!

I absolutely love the way this project turned out and couldn’t be happier with how it looks with the rest of the room! It adds the perfect amount of sparkle without being overly dramatic.

This was such an easy update to the old light fixture, and since my husband and I are renting, it didn’t make sense to buy a new, expensive light fixture.

Watch this step by step tutorial by Princess Home so you can see how she makes this easy DIY chandelier!


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