This Rustic Milk Crate Ottoman is Easy to Make! Inexpensive Farmhouse DIY Can Be Yours…

Don’t you just love using the old vintage pieces with a dynamite fabric for your decor? This DIY idea is easy and cheap, the perfect compliment to your farmhouse decor. Quick, too. You can make one in about and hour. This old milk crate ottoman is just to die for!  It has so much charm and style. I’ve got a few old pieces that I adore in my home.  I have an old coca cola carton that I used for a table top and it’s so eclectic and fun.  We don’t have cool things like this today.  All the good stuff was made years ago.  I feel so fortunate when I find these vintage pieces.

When I made this ottoman I was so excited! I used a fabric that complimented my sofa and it looks stunning! I find so many great ideas online.  That’s one thing that we didn’t have years ago when these vintage pieces were made. At least we can have the best of both worlds!

Check out this step by step tutorial so you can make your own cool ottoman.

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