This Scrap Busting Quilt Gives You All The More Reason To Hoard Fabric

Are you a fabric hoarder? I am a fabric hoarder, addict to the bones. I think I was born that way, and it gets no better when it comes to anything that comes to crafting, sewing or cooking. My love of pretty fabric has no bounds, and if you look in my sewing room, you will know it. Fortunately, the larger pieces I’ve held onto make some nice organized wall decor, but that basket of scraps is no longer one basket, but three, and all are overflowing. Rather, they were until I came across this awesome tutorial for a scrap busting quilt that is just too cute for words. I’d held onto a variety of colors, so creating something similar to hers, maybe even better, was not difficult at all.

I was a little worried mine would be so different with my particular scraps and not cute at all, but the unique variation is quite lovely. Plus, now I get to enjoy a quilt made of fabric remnants from some of my favorite pieces ever. I have a vintage red cherry and check print from many years ago, and none of the pieces were large enough to make anything, but yet I had a lot of small ones. This quilt is the perfect way to get to use those fabric scraps on a gorgeous project I love using. Mine is now proudly displayed and used on the sofa. See what you think with this tutorial video.

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