This Simple DIY Is Guaranteed To Add More Class To Your Wardrobe!

This is a very simple statement, but sometimes simple can make a BIG statement! As in, less CAN be more! I love the simpleness of this DIY project!

I noticed on Etsy and another website that the single pearl on leather necklaces start at $16 and the more pearls that are added the higher the price! I saw one as high as $185! You don’t necessarily need to use real pearls when you make this stunning necklace, although they are pretty inexpensive on Amazon. Several cords of brown leather and pearls look fabulous worn as a bracelet too…so keep this in mind when you start making these!

This enchanted pearl necklace– Simply knotted on a leather strand with a single pearl becomes all the more enchanting in a handmade pearl necklace. Since seeing this online, I’ve made several pieces with several different colors of leather cording. I had a long fresh water pearl necklace that I never wore, so I cut it up and have been using the pearls to make these.

This is casually elegant.  So you can wear something nice and girlie without drawing the attention that something flashy and blingy would.

This is a great idea for gifts the coming holiday season or make some up, in advance, to have for birthday gifts! Your friends and family are sure to love these!

Watch how MichouBeads does this in her step by step tutorial and enjoy this great craft project!


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