Thursday, December 7

Three DIY Wrapping Paper Ideas…So Special & Unique To Your Friends & Loved Ones!

If you really want to personalize a gift, nothing could be more personal than making wrapping paper yourself…AND a lot cheaper! This is also a great way to repurpose newspapers and paper sacks! I especially love the red lips wrapping paper! I’m known for my red lips, so go figure that would be my favorite!  My friends go crazy over my personalized wrapping paper!  The sky’s the limit with designs you can do!

I actually did paw prints on a paper sack one time…why one time?  Well, my dogs didn’t really like having paint on the bottom of their feet!  They still have remnants of paint on their paws.  Not one of my smarter moments!

Watch this fun tutorial and start making your own wrapping paper!  Oh, and don’t forget Father’s Day is around the corner, so get ready to be creative!  Make sure to SHARE this with your family & friends!


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