Throwing Away Your Pistachio Shells? You Will Never Put Them in The Trash Again When You See What She Makes With Hers!

Rather than discard pistachio shells look at the genius thing she makes with them! Now this is a unique way to recycle! I would have never thought they would have a purpose, but obviously my imagination isn’t as good as some of you out there!

These are the perfect addition to any shabby chic or rustic decor. These pistachio flowers are cute and easy to make.  Glue them on a cute sign, use them as a gift topper, tea light holders, wall art, wreaths and more! They can be painted or dyed using Rit Dye and look great as faux succulents on a wreath!
Pistachios are one of those mindless snacks that you can eat for hours on end, You can go through an entire bag of and then wonder why your lips are swollen from all the salt! When you realize just how many you’ve eaten is when you look down at the big pile of shells left behind as a reminder of you what you’ve done. They’re delicious and dangerous nuts. I try really hard not to buy them when I walk past them in the grocery store. I cannot be left alone with them, but there are plenty of benefits to eating a lot of them. One of those benefits is surprising, and it comes from that pile of hulls left behind that you managed to eat all by yourself!

There’s absolutely no reason to be bored with all of the amazing crafts and tutorials out there. I could keep myself busy 24-7 doing all of the things that I have on my list to make! This is a great craft project for your kids to do when they complain about having nothing to do…and this happens a lot on summer break!

Watch this step by step tutorial and get busy eating those pistachios so you can make these!


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