Tired Of A Plain Brick Fireplace She Gives It A Dramatic Makeover (Watch!)

Look at the before and after pictures of her fireplace! What a difference this makes! This is what I love so much about DIY projects. Just a few pieces of wood, paint and a little elbow grease can make an amazing transformation to your home…love it!

Through pre-planning and learning from those in the know when it comes to design, you can really make a splash even if you are financially restricted. This mantel was so incredibly cheap to make. It’s phenomenal how much money we can all save by doing it yourself!

I really wanted my mantel to be a bold statement, but with a very classic look. I love moulding and trim work, so it was an obvious choice to put in some details of that as well. When I did this I looked around the internet for inspiration and found all kinds of great fireplace mantels, but settled on this one, after seeing this great tutorial.

These gals used stock lumber from the home center, and created 2 mantel legs and breastplate on the ground before assembling them together and attaching to the wall. To attach to the wall, they used masonry screws to secure 2x6s to the existing brick fireplace. Then they used an air gun with nails to attach the legs and breastplate to the 2x6s. Then they  finished the look off with 2 1x8s on top of the breastplate that they trimmed with a 1×2 to create the look of one solid piece of wood.

Some people have made these for a fake fireplace and added candles at the bottom where the fireplace would be! It’s pretty cool looking whether you have a fireplace or not…although, I’d much rather have the fireplace!

Watch how Chelsea, with Checking With Chelsea, and her friend build this cool looking mantel so you can have a shot at it!





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