To Get Organized She Makes A Command Center With Dollar Store Picture Frames. Watch!

What a fabulous and cheap way to get some organization into your life. This was perfect for me and my family…having a central place for reminders, to do lists and all the things we need to keep up with on a daily basis.

I don’t know about you, but I often find myself overwhelmed with the amount of records, bills, paperwork, and files that my family generates, but didn’t have a safe place to store all of it.

With the right supplies, you can turn any space in your home into an organized command center that keeps track of your family’s records and reminder notes.

Command center designs can vary, but they generally include a calendar, a bulletin board, a wall mount for file folders, and a few decorations to make the space attractive.

Depending on your family’s individual needs, you might include other features like hooks for bags and backpacks, a desk with office supplies, a chalkboard, and other things you may need.

The best command center ideas are neat and organized, with a central theme that ties the space together. Good designs are also compact enough to be mounted anywhere you have a little extra wall space–the kitchen, a hallway, or any place that you and your family will frequent.

Watch how this gal with ClassyCrafting&Parcels makes this command center in her step by step tutorial very inexpensively with dollar tree supplies!

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