Today Turtle Turns 1

Today my little man turns 1. When Bean turned 1, it felt like it had been a year, but with Turtle it’s different. The year passed in the blink of an eye. To celebrate my little man’s 1st birthday I thought I would sit down and compile a list of things that I love about him.

13 Things That I Love About Turtle (1 for each month plus 1 to grow on):

  1. The way you look around a crowded room. Taking in all the people and smiling your big sunny smile.
  2. The way you duck your head into the crook off my neck whenever someone talks to you, suddenly playing bashful.
  3. That you are a mamas boy.
  4. The way you dance and bop along to the beat whenever music comes on.
  5. Your sweet little giggle when I tickle you under the chin.
  6. Your perfect little body from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.
  7. The way you watch your sister and laugh when she does something funny.
  8. The way your sweet, baby head smells.
  9. That little crook in your neck right below your hair line. Your ferocious appetite.
  10. Your sweet chubby baby arms that wrap around my neck for baby hugs.
  11. The way you wake up from your naps, tussled hair, sleepy smile, ready for cuddles.
  12. That you look more and more like your sister with each day that passes, but still have your own, distinct personality.
  13. That you have made me a more confident woman and mother.

I love you Turtle. Happy 1st Birthday.



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