Thursday, December 7

Today’s Parent Healthy Family Challenge

Today I have some exciting news dear friends! My family was selected as one of the three families across Canada to take part in Today’s Parent Healthy Family Challenge. I’m very excited to take this journey with my family and Today’s Parent. I hope that you will follow along on our road to a healthier lifestyle. My first blog post for Today’s Parent went up today. You can see the Introduction To The Allen Family Here.

“I’ve struggled with body image issues for the majority of my life. I’ve never been a skinny girl, I’ve always been one of the chubbiest — if not the chubbiest — of my friends.”

Writing for Today’s Parent is a whole different world from writing for your own blog. I felt so intimidated submitting my first post. I hope that I come across ok in it. Hopefully I’ll get more “literary” as time goes by. I’ll be writing for The Healthy Family Challenge until June. I hope you will follow along.

Do you consider your family to be active? Is it a struggle for you to be active or does it come naturally? What are some of your favorite ways to be active as a family?

Photo by Zuzu Photography

Photo by Zuzu Photography


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