Top 10 Don’ts when Growing Orchids – Tips Tor Orchid Beginners!

Many of us can’t resist buy a lovely orchid when we see them sitting in the grocery store, but most of us don’t know how to keep them alive…me included! Then I learned about the things I was doing wrong. Now I have a beautiful healthy orchid. I now have the opposite problem–an inability to kill my scraggly supermarket orchid after it stopped blooming.

Don’t feel bad…a lot of people talk about their incompetence at growing orchids. Hopefully this video of things not to do with orchids will help you to become a successful orchid grower!

One lady said she ignores them. Her orchids sit untouched on a windowsill with a western exposure for as long as they can stand it–months, usually–and then, finally, they bloom again in a desperate bid to get attention. Although, MissOrchidGirl tells us not to neglect our orchids!

I started seeing my orchid perk up and start putting out shoots when I watered it every two weeks and I never water it from the top. I sit it in a bowl of water for about an hour and let it drain really good before putting it back into the decorative container I keep it in.

MissOrchidGirl shows us the top 10 things NOT to do with Orchids so that we can be more successful at growing these lovely plants!

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