Turn a Breakfast Smoothie Into Breakfast Popsicles

Smoothie images provided by The BC Blueberry Council: http://www.bcblueberry.com/

I recently attended a wonderful event hosted by the BC Blueberry Council. It was a pretty fabulous event, you can read more about the event and see my photos of the food here.

Bean starts kindergarten tomorrow (where did the past 5 years go???). To celebrate I thought that I would share the best tip that I picked up from the BC Blueberry event– Be “Parent of the Year”, make a double batch of smoothie for breakfast, give the kids half then freeze the other half into popsicles and serve breakfast popsicles the next day!

Genius! That is the word that I thought when I heard that suggestion.

I wrote all about blueberries, shopping for local ingredients and a bunch of tips and tricks about blueberries in a post last week on Yoyomama called Berry Good. I also included a recipe for a Blueberry Smoothie that you can turn into breakfast popsicles. Make sure you check it out, and while you are at it subscribe to Yoyomama to get other fabulous tips, tricks, product reviews and fun things to do in your email inbox daily.

Tell me… Have you ever made breakfast popsicles? What are your favorite back to school breakfast tips?

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