Turn Old Timber Into Something Useful! Check Out This Fabulous Console Table!

I just love console tables and needed one…do you?  This is a great way to turn this valuable natural resource into something useful and give it another turn in life!  I am the “nik nak” person and always need a place to put them, along with a nice flower arrangement and some photos of the family.  This was the ticket for me and I LOVE my new console table! It’s a good feeling to have repurposed some old wood into something magnificent!  I gave my console table a primitive rustic look but you can do whatever fits your decor!  These console tables also look great behind your sofa.  That’s where I put mine and I just love it there. They also make great hallway entry tables…so many places to put one of these lovely pieces!  Heck, you may just have to make more than one!

In the following video the 4 legs are cut out a little over  650mm (25-1/2″), then he cuts two lengths of 60 x 19 mm (almost 45″), and two at 1100 mm (43″).  Rather than try to tell you what they do in this video, I’m gonna let you see for yourself as he goes step by step with his tutorial.

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