Turns Out, Dollar Store Plates Are The Ultimate Home Decor Accessory When You Know What To Do With Them…

Is your home like mine, badly in need of some awesome new decor, those special accents that decorators swear by? Mine sure was until I discovered I did not have to spend a ton of money buying things I could not really afford and that the dollar store was the secret to an awesome solution. I needed some things around to make my rooms look special, and this DIY is my absolute favorite.

Ever since I’d decided to embrace the color of my bedroom walls and I got through doing a cool DIY dresser project,  I want to re-decorate the entire room. Although, I never really did anything to that room since I bought the house. It’s about time I got busy doing this!

Future plans include making a headboard, new linens, curtains…the list goes on and on. But in the meantime I’m making small changes. Like this super cool dresser mirror that I made with items from the dollar store. I was thrilled with how the dresser turned out but it was missing something: a mirror above it.

This mirrored plate with glass gems was an incredibly easy and fun project and I’m so excited about the way it looks in my bedroom! I’m thinking about putting these glass gems around a larger mirror in my bathroom…yep, that’s how much I love it! Keep in mind that you can make these any size you want!

I put this all together with E6000 glue, rather than hot glue. I let it cure overnight before propping it up in the stand. I originally thought I would hang it on the wall but opted to put it in a plate stand instead. It works perfectly.Watch how Gift Basket Appeal does this in her step by step tutorial!



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