Saturday, December 2

Turns Out Empty Wine Bottles Are Great For Keeping Mosquitos Away!

There is something magical about a summers night in the garden. Warm air, stars, nostalgia, good friends… Being in the garden at night feels like you get permission to share in the quiet part of nature’s day… It’s relaxing, a little mysterious, and a lot of fun. However, we have two problems hanging out in the garden after the sun goes down. One is light, the other is bugs. We have a solution for both!

DIY tiki torches to light up your outdoor garden spaces so you can enjoy spending time outdoors long after sunset. And these projects can be used as mosquito repellent as well by using citronella torch fuel, what a great bonus! This is an easy and fun project, and they have a great artsy appeal to them as well. So DIY the night! Plus, when you want to get rid of mosquitoes, just add citronella oil to your wine bottles torches. Bugs be gone! I love the scent of burning citronella candles mixed with the scent of the barbecue, pure summer bliss!

After searching all over to find a torch that was affordable and not your typical ones, I came to the conclusion that unless I wanted wicker or bamboo, I would need to become a bit more resourceful and found this great DIY tutorial.

Watch how StyleMeTV does this in her step by step tutorial and gather up those old wine bottles! Her video is awesome, as is her channel, which you can subscribe to here: You will also find the complete supply list you need to make your own DIY tiki torches with the youtube video details.

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