Two Recent Podcast Interviews


Happy President’s Day! My kids don’t have school today, but I’ve got a full day of phone calls and meetings. So far they’ve brought me a plate of gingersnaps, and a plate of no-bake cookies, so I’m going to assume they are having a fabulous time on their day off.

Speaking of no school, Oakland teachers are striking on Thursday. It’s a big deal and we’ll be joining the picket lines and supporting any way we can. We don’t know how long the strike will last, but we’ve been watching the teacher strikes in L.A. and Denver to learn what we can.

But really, this post is to let you know about two recent podcast interviews that just went live last week:

First up, Alison Faulkner of The Alison Show interviewed me and my sister Jordan about how to take action on new projects. We’re episode 70.

This was actually recorded in front of a live audience in November. It was a super fun night — plus the hair and makeup team made me feel fabulous.

Next up, I had a fabulous time talking with Brittany Ratelle of Law & Wit when she interviewed me about Alt Summit for episode #33. This conversation happened just a couple of weeks ago and is still fresh in my mind.

What about you? What podcasts are you listening to these days?

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